Gallery Update

7 02 2010

New Piccies in the Gallery.

Remember, if you try hard enough, you can accomplish nothing today.


Fake Violence – Bringing Generations Together

7 02 2010

Everbody loves a bit of fake violence and everybody has their own generation of body-slamming action they remember. We Love Wrassling.


6 02 2010


Retro Themed

Produced from the childish excitment of me and samski in Ol’ Betty, Gatton, QLD – July 09

80’s Lingo of the Day – Homefry.

Ep1 – That’s rather Bothersome!

25 01 2010

That’s Rather Bothersome!

I like to rant as much as the next person, unless the next person is Bill Hicks or Peter Griffin. So welcome to the chronicles of what I find bothersome, and since mild annoyance is one of my more recognised traits I’m sure this will be the first of many.

Todays Topic

THE NEWS ! ft. the comparison between actual news and stupid bullshit used to fill time and make “us normal people” feel like we get a say.

Admittedly I am one of those Homo sapiens whom likes to watch the news. I say “likes” and “to watch” but what I mean is I feel it is necessary to be up to date and current with happenings on my planet and to do this I will, on a daily basis (maybe even several times a day if something good’s going on. I say “good” but what I mean is terrible, but makes a good news day), tune in to a range of news programming. Since I am british the 6 o’clock BBC news is a regular hub of information for me. Today though I realised something that has been ticking away inside of me like a badly oiled jack in the box, and today the plush toy appeared and I knew why increasingly the news has been annoying me, and increasingly I usually turn over by the time “now we cut to your local news readers for the news where you are” is spurtered from some smiley faced, script reading fraud!

(P.N (procrastination note) Just procrastinated for about 7 minutes here watching Jack Dee videos on Youtube, don’t know, don’t ask.)

(P.N Decided to put some music on, which reminded me to Rip my Jason Mraz CD’s to itunes.)

Todays edition of the news began, naturally, with the continuing aid efforts in Hati, with reports from the US Hospital Ship and reports discussing the gang and slum issues. This is fine with me, a terrible event which needs requires the public media attention in order to raise funds and show the rest of the world the scale of this disaster.

Another story featured the upcoming football World Cup in Africa and the fears over the security of teams and fans. Again, I can understand this, thousands of fans will be travelling to Africa this summer and need to be made aware of the troubles that plight the nation in order to keep themselves safe and avoid any trouble. Good use of national coverage.

Now the problems I have are usually part of my “local news” which happens to be the London and South East News. One of the main features of which was a man being mildly annoyed by the noise of a loose manhole cover outside his house. (Which made me mildly annoyed, but you don’t see me ringing the news. Um maybe I should?) Apparently the noise it makes when cars drive over it is just too much, and he just can’t seem to get anyone out to fix it. The person responsible for including this item on the news, in my opinion, should be thrown into Hati, possibly along with the fellow who thought his awful heart breaking irritation on his life was worthy enough to call upon the news in such times. This way they could get an idea of where his problems lie in my hierarchy. This fellow then explained how he spent hours ringing round to various councils, the TFL, even BT, none of which would claim responsibility. Well Gee Wizz.

How the news can go from an actual news-worthy factual report to such a light piece that affects under a handful of people is just beyond me. The state of the London and South East News is so surprisingly below that of national I am surpirsed it is produced by the same company. It’s certainly not due to lack of news worthy topics, just lack of will to show them and the need to broadcast items that show they are listening to to their audience, no matter how trivial or small the problems, like giving sweets to their children, in hope they won’t make a fuss. I agree with the listening to the audience, I just wish they’d listen to the right people!

And to me, That’s rather Bothersome, so I will shake my fist in an old man manner at the sky.

I would find any comments on this issue very far from bothersome, in fact I’d find them rather enthralling. So move those phalanges. What it your opinion on the news, do you even watch the news? What would you change about it?

ProcrastiGiRL out.

Stumble Over Awesome-ness

22 01 2010

Stumbleupon has to be the Procrastinators best friend, and not always to a wasteful end ! Every now and then you stumble upon that page that makes you say WOW! Or literally laugh out loud.

Heres some of the pages that have caused me to stumble and cut my knee on the coffee table.

Amazing Paper Art!

Before I Die Polaroid Project

How It Should have Ended

17 Things you should know about your Cat

Mark Jenkins Street Art

Need to waste an hour ? Stumble through it.

Pretty Pictures

22 01 2010

‘Sup my fellow Superstars,

Im totally Amped to have put up my Gallery Page, only little for now and contains some snaps I took with my Lomo Fisheye Camera on 35mm film.

Well don’t just sit there, holla tips and praise, i’ll be updating as and when!

Heres a Sample.

80’s lingo of the day – For Cear!

How is my Sofa going to fit in here?!

21 01 2010

Well it’s a new name and place, and i’m going to have to start all over again with grooving in my butt marks in the furniture but it scrubs up nice.

After my old blog died a, luckily, swift death with my trip across the world an all I’ve packed up and moved here. Lets all get together for a nice house warming and wish this one a long and fruitful life.

See you soon, have a look around and spread the word.


80’s Lingo of the Day – Tubular!